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Why freight sharing is caring — stackd

Flock Freight is moving toward sustainability with shared truckload capabilities

Becoming more sustainable is a goal many companies in the logistics industry share, and a driver of sustainable progress is technology. On this episode of stackd, host Adam Robinson details how Flock Freight is using tech advances to get closer to that goal. 

Robinson welcomes Flock Freight CEO Oren Zaslansky to talk about the methods his company employs. Flock Freight uses algorithms to create shared truckloads out of LTL loads, combining those multiple LTL loads into one full truckload of different types of freight. 

Machine learning is crucial for Flock Freight to navigate that combination of freight into one load that is still just as efficient to move. Zaslansky says, “At Flock we are a very complicated business,” but he tries to make it as simple as possible for shippers by using plain language to explain the complex, tech-driven process. 

Zaslansky says people shouldn’t have to be data scientists or experts to utilize the tech Flock provides; the idea is for the end user to simply procure the solution out of the product instead of manipulating the product itself. He thinks the how behind the product isn’t relevant to the shipper; the why and the experience from using the product are the things to worry about. 

Robinson calls the idea behind Flock Freight an “altruistic endeavor,” and says the company could become a model for greater efficiency for the freight industry.

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