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2023 Shipper of Choice Winners

What is Shipper of Choice?

The term “shipper of choice” is used throughout the industry, but what does it take to be a good shipper? Driver friendliness, flexibility, accommodations, efficiency, and low detention times all come to mind.

The 2023 Shipper of Choice Award, in partnership with TriumphPay, recognizes the manufacturers, distributors and retailers who do the best job of keeping the American economy moving by fighting driver detention, providing accessible facilities, and understanding what it takes to remove inefficiencies from the supply chain.

Our goal is to recognize and honor the companies that rise to the level of a true Shipper of Choice as voted on by the industry itself.

2023 Awards Coverage

2023 Shipper of Choice profile: BASF Corp.

FreightWaves Staff Wednesday, December 13, 2023

BASF’s North American operations made a concerted effort to help their carriers spend less time at their manufacturing plants and more time moving freight.

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A white woman and a black man bump fists holding a package in in a storage room of a factory.

2023 Shipper of Choice profile: S&C Electric Co.

FreightWaves Staff Wednesday, November 29, 2023

S&C Electric is one of the 25 freight-friendly businesses in this year’s Shipper of Choice awards.

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2023 Shipper of Choice profile: Shorr Packaging

Alan Adler Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Shorr Packaging received its first Shipper of Choice award with brokerage partner Arrive Logistics singing its praises.

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