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BiTA appoints IEEE-ISTO for standards

The Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), an organization dedicated to determining best practices and standards for blockchain in the transportation industry, announces that it is working with the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO) to assist the Alliance in its standards activities.

According to BiTA Chief of Staff Arlen Stark, “Given the pace at which the BiTA Standards Council [BiTAS] is expanding its activities, it needs an organization with the resources and bandwidth to accommodate the volume of Technical Committee and Working Group meetings that are planned.”

Stark continued, “In addition to its expertise in standards, we chose ISTO to help increase BiTA’s speed to market with standards without diminishing quality. The work BiTA and its members are doing to develop standards for blockchain’s use in transportation is very important. The BiTA Standards Council will use ISTO’s expertise to facilitate the life cycle of its standards development. This is a great fit for us and I am looking forward to working with the ISTO staff and leveraging their experience as we draw closer to our first published specifications as well as achieving our future goals.”

ISTO president and CEO Marco W. Migliaro stated, “We welcome the BiTA Standards Council as a new member program of the ISTO Federation of Programs, and the ISTO staff looks forward to helping BiTA achieve its unique goals in the area of blockchain technology standards. ISTO has a proven track record of successfully facilitating the introduction of new technologies and innovations that improve industry competition and growth.”

About BiTA

Founded in August 2017, BiTA has quickly grown into the largest commercial blockchain alliance in the world, with nearly 500 members in more than 25 countries that collectively generate over $1 trillion in revenue annually. BiTA members are primarily from the freight, transportation, and logistics industries. The Alliance was formed by experienced technology, transportation, and supply chain executives to create a forum for the development of blockchain standards and education for the freight industry. BiTA members share a common mission to develop a standards framework, educate the market on blockchain applications and encourage the use of those applications.

BiTA has offices in: Chattanooga, Tennessee (North American Region); Sydney, Australia (Asia-Pacific Region) and London (European Region). For more information, please visit the BiTA website at

About ISTO
The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO) was established in January 1999 as a federation of member alliance programs with the aim of supporting accelerated technology standards development and market adoption for industry. A global, 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation, ISTO offers a membership infrastructure and legal umbrella under which member alliances and trade groups can stand themselves up as legal operating entities.