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Curbing driver distraction – Taking the Hire Road

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, about 7% of all fatal vehicular crashes in 2019 were related to distracted driving and resulted in 3,142 deaths. 

Nocell Technologies has a tool to prevent distracted driving in trucks. Its technology allows fleet managers to whitelist any apps on company devices that could be deemed as distractions to drivers while trucks are in motion.

“Every time we install, it potentially saves not only the life of the driver that’s driving the truck but also the family in the sedan or minivan that a distracted [truck] driver would run into,” Corey Woinarowicz, chief revenue officer at Nocell Technologies, said during the latest episode of Taking the Hire Road  “We give [our customers] the tools to enforce these [cellphone] policies and laws.” 

Insurance, one of the largest expenses for every company in the freight industry, is another target of Nocell Technologies. Nocell has partnered with Nationwide Insurance, which is bringing this technology to its commercial clients. Nocell hopes to roll out this partnership, among others, at Truckload Carriers Association and American Trucking Associations events later this year.

“We want to make the right connections with the right partners to ensure we don’t cheapen the product and cheapen the message,” Woinarowicz said. “This is something that isn’t going away until we take the right actions and steps.”

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Netradyne creates solutions for real-world problems using computer vision and deep learning technologies. Its mission is to transform road and fleet safety through advanced vision technology to change the way drivers interact with the road around them, creating safer roadways in the process.

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