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FreightWaves Staff Tuesday, August 20, 2019

White Paper – The New Economics of Freight Brokerage

The marketplace for truckload transportation is fragmented and opaque. Relationships between shippers and carriers are tenuous at best, forged and broken by wild swings in capacity availability and rates per mile. In this white paper, Transfix and FreightWaves define the problems distorting the marketplace for truckload transportation, discuss how carriers think about their assets, explain the role of technology in reducing empty miles, and sketch out the economic dynamics that come into play when the marketplace is optimized to free up capacity at the right price.

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FreightWaves Staff Sunday, September 17, 2017

Forget “Uber of trucking”- most digital brokers should be called “Groupons of trucking”

Digital freight brokers are using “Daily-deal” tactics to get revenue growth. They sold themselves as a platform to change the inefficient trucking industry, but have found it difficult to find quality sources of high-volume freight. These platforms have resorted to aggressive pricing tactics using investor capital. What will find is that as soon as they change prices, shipper loyalty will evaporate. 

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