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Top podcast episodes for freight sales in 2020

Put That Coffee Down, the freight sales podcast.

Dooner and Kevin Hill helped navigate the world of freight sales by getting insights from industry leaders and market experts. 

Here are the top 10 episodes of Put That Coffee Down. 

Happiness and mental health’s role in freight sales

Dooner and Hill discuss mental health, happiness, meditation and goals with Stan Duncan from Tallgrass Freight Co. Sales starts with getting your mind right. Once you do this, selling becomes much easier. 

Improv your sales calls

What does improv have to do with freight sales? Quite a bit as you’ll find out as Dooner and Hill practice improv methods on air. Sales is all about active listening and thinking on your feet and practicing improv will 

Wake up your social media selling with Morning Brew’s Toby Howell

Inbound leads are all about creating outstanding content. Toby Howell from the Morning Brew has the answers with his 10 rules for building your presence and attracting followers on Twitter. 

‘The Real Wolf of Wall Street’ and Lean Staffing join Put That Coffee Down at 3PL Summit

Lean Staffing and Jordan Belfort join Dooner and Hill for this special virtual conference episode. It’s all about using the techniques Belfort designed to increase sales. 

Psychology of cold calling in freight sales

Cold calling will always separate you from the pack in freight sales. There are countless scripts and techniques for cold calling, but the most important aspect is getting your mind in a positive state to make the calls. 

You got the account, now what?

In freight sales, you can get the account and then fail in the execution. Dooner and Hill discuss how to set up accounts and pass them off to the operations team with The Freight Coach, Chris Jolly. 

Think like a shipper

You never know someone until you walk a mile in his shoes. We dive into the mind of a shipper with Paul Estrada from Emerge. Paul spent 10 years in logistics with a bottled water company before transitioning to the digital marketplace.

How to win shipping bids

It’s bid season and you know what that means — wasting quite a bit of time putting together losing bids. Michael Fullam with ReedTMS joins Dooner and Hill to discuss best practices for seeking out the best business. 

Carrier sales and negotiation

If you’re a freight broker, carrier selection and negotiation are essential to your success. What are the best techniques to use when negotiating rates? Jake McLeod with RPM gives Dooner and Hill some pointers. 

Targeting prospects directly with video

How do you stand out from all the other freight salespeople? Using video is always a good choice. But Tyler Hildebrand from Reliable Transportation Solutions goes the extra mile with video. He shows Dooner and Hill how he films and produces short stories about his prospects that they will never forget. 
If you missed any other episodes of PTCD, you can find them here.

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