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3PL recap: Motivating sales teams during tough times

‘Pipeline solves all problems,’ says Outreach director of commercial sales

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This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ 3PL Summit.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Motivating your team through tough times and using technology to meet goals.

DETAILS: FreightWaves reporter Grace Sharkey sits down with Cassie Pless to discuss the importance of motivating your team through tough sales cycles. Pless describes the importance of leveraging modern technology to guide sales teams through downturns and showcases that with the correct tools, sellers can better reach their performance goals.

SPEAKER: Pless is the director of commercial sales at Outreach.

BIO: Pless focuses on managing and motivating sales teams at Outreach. She helps increase revenue with sales engagement.


“Sales is really hard, so you need to make sure that your reps are feeling good. The biggest misconception that I see … is that every rep is in sales because they’re motivated by money. … We have a new generation coming into the workforce where that’s not their primary focus at all.”

“Pipeline solves all problems. … I think sales leaders spend too much time focused on the bottom of our funnel and not enough time focused on [how] the bottom of the funnel works itself out if you have your territory structured in such a way where you have a good hold on it and if you have the technology in place where you can communicate consistently so you don’t miss opportunities.”

“I always think about how do I get the reps in a headspace where they can execute effectively in their deal cycles?”

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