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DSC chat: You’re only as good as your carrier network

‘With capacity constraints, I’ve seen it probably change more in the last 20 months than I did in my previous 15 years.’

CarrierDirect’s Ryan Schreiber and Nolan Transportation Group’s Drew Herpich discuss optimizing capacity during FreightWaves Domestic Supply Chain Summit. (Photo: FreightWaves)

This fireside chat recap is from the FreightWaves Domestic Supply Chain Summit on Wednesday.

Watch: Ryan Schreiber and Drew Herpich discuss carrier sourcing and relationship strategies to optimize capacity.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: How to get the most out of capacity

DETAILS: For shippers, building a world-class carrier network involves relationships, as well as technology such as dynamic appointment scheduling software to help source capacity. 

SPEAKERS: Ryan Schreiber, vice president of industry and growth at CarrierDirect, and Drew Herpich, chief commercial officer at Nolan Transportation Group (NTG).

BIOS: At CarrierDirect, Schreiber works with clients on challenging the status quo while respecting the challenges both businesses and individuals face through change. Herpich works to continue to grow NTG by developing its enterprises and creating long-term solutions that drive supply chain efficiency, visibility and sustainability across its network. 


“At the end of the day, you can optimize all you want, but they still have to bump the dock, they still have to get a chassis on that trailer, that still has to happen. And that’s where we lose the most time.”

“I’m really most interested in dynamic appointment scheduling, leveraging some of this technology that we have to really help. There are reasons it takes a little bit of time to unload a truck or load a truck, and having a more connected ecosystem can really impact utilization, which is going to get the most out of the capacity.”


“With capacity constraints, I’ve seen it probably change more in the last 20 months than I did in my previous 15 years. The big thing that I’ve seen is really how shippers are looking at their supply chain right now, within their asset side, but also from the brokerage side as well.”

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