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FreightWaves 3PL Summit

Brandon Cafferky Thursday, March 10, 2022

Daily Infographic: 3PL SUMMIT

The 2022 3PL Summit will highlight the best technology and practices to guide you to success this year. Hear discussions on multi-modal optimization, customer relations, sales insights, market insights, pricing strategies and much more.

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Timothy Dooner Wednesday, July 22, 2020

3PL Summit: Power of partner ecosystems, network strategy – WHAT THE TRUCK?!? (with video)

On episode 200 of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Live from FreightWaves 3PL Summit set 1 Dooner and Michael Vincent welcome guests Josh Main, Strategic Alliances at; Russ Felker, CTO at GlobalTranz; Prasad Gollapalli, CEO & Founder at Trucker Tools; Garrett  Wolfe, Vice President Of Product Management at TriumphPay. Watch Apple Podcasts Spotify More FreightWaves Podcasts […]

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