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Today’s Pickup: Parking far lower on the list of concerns for transportation management companies than for drivers

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A new survey by Zipline Logistics’ carrier team found that the ELD mandate may be making carriers more selective about which shippers and receivers they are willing to work with. and they aren’t willing to wait as long on shippers and receivers once the truck gets there.

FreightWaves Staff Writer Chad Prevost reported on the survey, noting 77 percent of carriers said they are more selective about shippers, 80 percent have facilities they refuse to load out of altogether and 54 percent have changed how long they will wait.

Prevost noted that 60 percent of fleets surveyed also felt the mandate contributed to improving safety among drivers by forcing them to stop, rest and run legally. The remaining 40 percent believed the mandate contributed to decreased driver safety by encouraging speeding and reckless driving.

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“I think consumers are just generally in a pretty good space heading into the holiday season. The job growth has been solid all year. They got a bit of a disposable income boost because they got a tax cut at the start of the year that has been carrying over and confidence is very, very high as you head into the end of the year, so all this points to a consumer who is ready to spend and has the means to spend.”

—FreightWaves Chief Economist Ibrahiim Bayaan

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Final Thoughts:

Parking is a hot button issue across the transportation industry, but it certainly does not carry the same weight among drivers and those who manage transportation companies.

FreightWaves Executive Editor John Kingston reported on the annual survey of the American Transportation Research Institute results. This year, parking was rated the fifth overall most important issue facing the industry. However, drivers said it was the second most important issue facing them this year while management rated it all the way down at number nine.

“I would suggest if you are in the motor carrier group, if you care about your drivers and driver retention, you better care about what is on the driver list (of significant issues),” Rebecca Brewster, the President and COO of ATRI said of the results.

The survey was based on 1,539 responses. Motor carrier respondents were 47.5% of the pool, drivers were 41.3%, and “other industry stakeholders” accounted for the balance.

Hammer down, everyone!

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