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Turning driving jobs into destination careers at Walmart — Taking the Hire Road

Because of the many benefits, including income and holiday and vacation time off, many in the trucking industry desire to drive for a private fleet. Walmart is considered top tier in that sector and has worked to maintain that status for nearly 50 years.

One key aspect of retaining drivers is respect. Most of the time that means valuing them with consistent conversation, scheduling and pay.

“Drivers are a special part of not just our supply chain but our company as a whole,” said Erin Bergman, senior manager of supply chain talent acquisition at Walmart. “Drivers provide a unique viewpoint on challenges that exist in our industry. We are always seeking to honor and respect the role they play in our company by continuing to evaluate our offerings, whether it’s compensation, benefits or scheduling.” 

Earlier this year, Walmart shook the industry by announcing it would raise pay for all drivers — from the entry level to the experienced. In addition to the pay increase, the retailer stated it also will be starting a new private fleet development program — a 12-week training for prospective drivers to earn a CDL and become full-fledged Walmart private fleet drivers.

While Walmart leadership first began the conversation in early 2021, the announcement came as no surprise to the existing drivers since the company shared the news internally before making it public. Bergman believes internal communication to be a staple in respecting drivers — and thus retaining them.

“Respect is one of our core values at Walmart,” Bergman said. “One way we live that out is through communicating directly with our drivers. We want to make sure that when they hear about initiatives, that they hear it directly from us and their leaders first.”

As more continue to take advantage of these new initiatives, Bergman is thrilled to see the growth and satisfaction among drivers and associates alike.

“To hear [success] stories and see how [these changes] have impacted their life is what is most gratifying,” she said. “Every decision we make is all about the associates and drivers and what is best for them.”

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