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GSCW chat recap: Allyn leaders on 4PL control towers

Logistics control tower provides single point of contact

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This fireside chat recap is from Day 5 of FreightWaves’ Global Supply Chain Week. Day 5 focuses on energy, mining and chemicals.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: A 4PL control tower as the nervous system in a global supply chain

DETAILS: Allen Trevett and Lauren Mayher discuss what a logistics control tower is, when it can be helpful and benefits of this solution. The nervous system in your body controls everything you do. A 4PL control tower is the nervous system of your global supply chain.

SPEAKER: Trevett, CEO at Allyn International

BIO: Trevett co-founded Allyn International in 1992. He has experience in construction, in accounting roles at General Electric Co. and with freight companies. He is also a U.S. licensed customs broker and freight forwarder. Allyn International started business in Florida and is now a global service provider with over 400 employees in 22 countries. 

SPEAKER: Mayher, global account manager at Allyn International

BIO: Mayher has worked with Allyn for the last eight years and has operational responsibilities for a global control tower for one of the largest manufacturers of oil and gas equipment in the world. She ensures all regional teams are aligned and supporting a global strategy focused on productivity and that the team provides consistent and increasingly excellent service. 


“The whole idea of a control tower is it’s a single point of contact, a single location that manages all of your supply chain activities.”

“The benefit that you get isn’t only that you have expertise and a point of contact in your region [and] in your time zone, but you also benefit from having the ability to optimize multi-leg transportation.”

“We’ve had to adapt to a new contract rate structure. … What we see now is a much more flexible rate structure.”


“Prior to the logistics control towers, our customers had very competitive freight rates but were not able to use them effectively on a global basis.”

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