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Sponsor Tuesday, March 30, 2021

A huge bipartisan opportunity for Congress is here, and it involves autonomous trucking

By Finch Fulton, Vice President of Policy and Strategy at Locomation and former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy at the US Department of Transportation Developments in autonomous trucking regulations are so new that partisan lines have yet to harden. The benefits around safer, more efficient and more economically viable operations are clearly understood to be […]

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Noi Mahoney Monday, September 9, 2019

Mexican government proposes restricting double tractor-trailer trucks

Mexico’s legislature is considering proposals that would limit the permitted weight of double tractor-trailer trucks — called “fulles” in Mexico — to decrease truck-involved accidents and relieve traffic congestion. Cities across Mexico – such as Monterrey, Puebla, Jalisco and Mexico City – are also considering restricting speed limits and the time of day/night double tractor-trailer […]

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