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FreightWaves Staff Thursday, November 10, 2022

Identifying risk: Is your safety program helping your fleet?

Transportation businesses face many hazards, from collisions and breakdowns to damaged shipments and risky driver behavior. Without a next-gen camera capturing 100% of drive time, it’s nearly impossible for fleet managers to identify these risk factors and provide quality driver coaching.   To discuss ways fleets can understand, identify, and reduce risks, Netradyne has partnered […]

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Sponsor Thursday, October 27, 2022

White Paper: The Underlying Cost of Violations

No dollar amount can be placed on the value of fleet safety — it’s beyond price. Violations issued to your drivers, on the other hand, certainly do hold a monetary value. Comprehensive payment platform Bestpass partnered with FreightWaves, the leading source for navigating the freight markets, to measure the extent to which citations are considered […]

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FreightWaves Staff Thursday, June 30, 2022

White Paper: Trouble With The Tolls

Fleets eyeing expansion or currently running a large fleet in this market understand that growth can be costly. Amid sky-high diesel prices and other transportation costs, a toll violation has a bit more sting. Though they are likely low among fleets’ key concerns, violations can rack up quite the bill if left unchecked.  FreightWaves partnered […]

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